Our Team

John Schonberg

John K. Schonberg, CFA

Mr. Schonberg, Portfolio Manager & Principal, is an owner of Stonebridge Capital Advisors and is responsible for the management of equity portfolios for institutions and high net worth individuals. John is also the lead portfolio manager of The Covered Bridge Fund. As a member of the Equity Team he serves on the Research Committee and works with the members of the equity team in the analysis, selection and structuring of the equity portfolios.

Prior to Stonebridge, Mr. Schonberg was a Senior Portfolio manager and Equity Team Leader for Columbia Management. At Columbia he led all Equity teams and products managed in Minneapolis. This included the oversight of the Contrarian Equity and Mid-Cap Growth Teams. Total assets under management were seventeen billion and his direct reports included five portfolio managers and nine analysts.

In 2009 Mr. Schonberg also created and brought to market the Columbia Premium Technology fund, a closed end equity fund with an option overlay strategy and in June of 2014 was awarded a patent for Rules Based Risk Management.

Prior to his role as the Equity leader Mr. Schonberg lead a six person investment team managing one of the largest fundamentally based market neutral hedge funds in the country.

Mr. Schonberg joined the American Express group of companies in 1997 as a Senior Portfolio Manager managing large capitalization growth portfolios for institutions. Prior to joining American Express, Mr. Schonberg worked at Piper Capital Management for 10 years as an equity portfolio manager managing funds for individuals, institutions, and mutual fund clients. Mr. Schonberg earned his BS degree in finance from the University of Nebraska in 1987, and completed the Chartered Financial Analyst program in 1990. He is also a member of the Twin Cities Society of Security Analysts.

Michael Dashner

Michael J. Dashner, CFA

Michael Dashner CFA, Portfolio Manager, leads the Large Cap Equity Growth team at Stonebridge Capital Advisors and is responsible for trading across all equity strategies. Michael also co-manages The Covered Bridge Fund with lead portfolio manager, John Schonberg, CFA.

As a member of the Research Committee, Michael follows sector specific companies and maintains the equity universe and models for each equity strategy. Michael is responsible for identifying and developing new trading systems and methods in an effort to maximize effectiveness and efficiency across multiple platforms.

Prior to joining the Equity Team, Michael was head of fixed income trading at Stonebridge Capital Advisors. He was in charge of fulfilling investment objectives for high net worth individuals and institutions and achieving best prices for each trade.

Michael earned his BBA in Economics from the University of South Dakota. He went on to graduate with an MBA in 2009 before joining Stonebridge Capital Advisors. Michael also completed the CFA Program in 2014 and is a member of the CFA Society of Minnesota along with the Minnesota Society of Municipal Analysts.

Michael Dashner

Robert A. Kincade

Mr. Kincade, Portfolio Manager & President, is an owner and founder of Stonebridge Capital Advisors and serves on the Board of Directors. He is responsible for equity portfolio management, marketing and administration. The investment performance for the Stonebridge Capital Advisors Large Capitalization Growth Equity Composite, co-managed by Mr. Kincade, Mr. Eckenrode and Mr. Hirsch, has been nationally ranked. Mr. Kincade is a member of the Stonebridge Investment Review Committee and the Stonebridge Research Committee. Mr. Kincade also serves as an analyst for The Covered Bridge Fund.

While forming Stonebridge, Mr. Kincade was a Managing Director of Whitecliff Capital Partners, a private equity investment firm focused on acquiring small to mid- market companies. In his capacity at Whitecliff he was responsible for analysis, due diligence, and oversight of acquired companies. Prior to Whitecliff, he served as Vice President of Insight Investment Management, a subsidiary of Dain Rauscher, Inc., where he was responsible for marketing, sales, and fixed income product development. He was instrumental in the development of cash and fixed income pooled investment funds for public investors and cash management programs for institutions. Prior to Insight, Mr. Kincade served as Regional Vice President of American Express Financial Services (formerly IDS Institutional Retirement Services), responsible for sales and marketing, and stable capital product development. Before joining American Express, he served as Senior Trust Officer and Chief Investment Officer for Northwestern Savings Bank & Trust. He led the team that established the first full-service trust and investment department in the country for a savings institution. As Chief Investment Officer, he managed equity and fixed income portfolios for individual and institutional trust client.

Mr. Kincade has worked in the investment industry since 1978.

Michael Dashner

David A. Eckenrode

Mr. Eckenrode, Director of Equity Management, is an equity portfolio manager and founder of the Stonebridge Michigan office. He is responsible for research, analysis and equity portfolio management. Mr. Eckenrode, Mr. Kincade and Mr. Hirsch co-manage the equity portfolios of Stonebridge Capital Advisors, which have been recognized as a top performer for the Stonebridge Capital Advisors Large Capitalization Growth Equity Composite. Mr. Eckenrode also serves as an analyst for The Covered Bridge Fund.

Prior to establishing our Michigan office, he was a Portfolio Manager for RWB Capital Management where he was responsible for equity and fixed-income management. Prior to RWB, Mr. Eckenrode was Senior Trust Officer for Northwestern Bank & Trust. As the head of the trust department, he was responsible for the overall management of the trust administration and served as the bank’s chief investment officer. In addition to having expertise in the management of the personal wealth of high net worth individuals, he has extensive experience in managing pension and profit sharing plans, public endowment funds, and both private and public foundation assets. Under his direction, assets under management at Northwestern bank & Trust increased in excess of 1000% over a ten-year period. Additionally, investments outperformed their peers in large capitalization equity and intermediate fixed-income styles. Before joining Northwestern, Mr. Eckenrode had a ten-year career as a registered representative for both E.F. Hutton and Merrill Lynch. Mr. Eckenrode was named to E.F Hutton’s Financial Planners Club in 1986 for being involved in selling EF Hutton’s largest Corporate Financial Planning case. This case served all of the employees of the merger of Sperry and Burroughs Corporation which led to the present day Unisys Corporation.

Mr. Eckenrode has served in the investment industry since 1977.

Michael Dashner

Raymond E. Hirsch, CFA

Mr. Hirsch, Portfolio Manager, is responsible for research, analysis and equity portfolio management. He is a member of the Stonebridge Research Committee and the Stonebridge Investment Review Committee. Mr. Hirsch also serves as an analyst for The Covered Bridge Fund.

Mr. Hirsch brings over 41 years of investment industry experience. He joined Stonebridge Capital Advisors from American Express Financial Advisors (AEFA) where he served in a number of investment positions. Most recently, he was the Managing Group Director for the technology sector, where he was responsible for $22 billion in assets and 9 technology analysts. During Mr. Hirsch’s tenure as Group Director, he was awarded the annual “Best Performer” award twice, and three of his employees received the award in the years following. Mr. Hirsch began his career at American Express Financial Advisors as a Senior Analyst following Technology and was soon asked to manage the Discovery Fund where he became a Senior Vice President of Growth Spectrum Advisors (a division of AEFA). In this position, Mr. Hirsch managed $3 billion of small to mid-cap growth accounts for large institutional advisors. Under his management, the Discovery Fund achieved its best 5-year record of anytime during its 20-plus-year existence.

His experience also includes twelve years of service at First Wisconsin Trust Company (Firstar), where Mr. Hirsch held the positions of Analyst, Portfolio Manger and Research Director. Mr. Hirsch also served as an Analyst and Portfolio Manager at Heritage Investment Advisors (Division of Heritage Banks), where he managed individual accounts and was named Research Director.

Mr. Hirsch is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He received his degree in Business Administration and his MBA from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. He is a member of several professional organizations, including the Financial Analyst Federation, the American Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts, the American Electronics Association and an Advisory Board Member NASDAQ. Mr. Hirsch also serves as the program chair for the Milwaukee Society of Investment Analysts.

Derrick Watson

Derrick J. Watson

Mr. Watson, Regional Sales Director of Stonebridge Capital Advisors, is responsible for the marketing and relationship management of Stonebridge Capital Advisors separately managed portfolios and our mutual fund. Prior to Stonebridge, Derrick was a Regional Sales Consultant for Oppenheimer Funds where he maintained and grew market share, provided timely market updates and assisted with portfolio construction for Advisors in the San Diego Area. As a consultant, he serviced both independent, wire house and RIA’s advisors acting as a true partner to their practice. Before joining Oppenheimer Funds in 2008, Derrick worked at Edward Jones as a Financial Advisor for 3 years.

Recently Derrick founded Bason Partners LLC, a real estate investment firm. As a partner his responsibilities are to evaluate risk, return on investment, negotiate opportunities and create the marketing plan.

Derrick earned his BS degree in Marketing from Regis University where he graduated Cum Laude as a full time employee. He is a founding member of the Colorado Lungs4life non-profit where he continues to volunteer today. Derrick currently lives in Colorado where he is an active member of the Financial Planners Association and works to help build the reputation and visibility of Stonebridge.